Friday, January 27, 2012

Future Hunter

Steve's brother sent this pic to us the other day. Excuse the bloody doe...but he looks so handsome and someday he will be standing in front of a deer he shot!!! Love my little outdoorsman.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Man

Steve & I rarely get pictures together so I figured I'd put this one on here. Enjoying some pizza on our Bowling night with the Benders. Love him.


Through some awesomely timed posts on facebook we were able to score this adorable kitchen for only $25!!! Add some food & dishes and we're set!:) Even Denver gets pretty excited about cooking up some good food!


We are so thankful for our new church family and all the awesome kids (especially BOYS...lots and lots of BOYS!) Denver gets to hang out with every week. We are so blessed to have solid families with kids his age to grow up with!!! We definitely had that in Cedar Falls so it is a huge answer to prayers to find it here, too!!! Here are a few of Denver's new buddies!
 D & Lincoln

Bowling & Pizza with the Bender clan. I wish this was a better picture...but through the craziness of the night it's the best I could do. Denver with Grant, Rhys, and Mason. He talks about these three guys all the time!:) (excuse Steve's head in this pic hehe)

Lil' Huntin' Girl

A few examples of things Noelle loves to put around her neck...lots of hunting themes in the Nelson household thanks to daddy!
The other day Noelle came walking into room like this. It cracked me up! 

Daddy is extra proud of this video. She is a girl on a mission to call in some big bucks!!!:)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Last week we were driving home from Wellman and had to stop at my parents to get something. We came at just the right time because they just happened to be chainsawing down a 100-year-old pine tree that had gotten struck by lightning a few years ago and was dead. Denver was enthralled! I stayed for awhile then left to get the groceries home and make lunch and Steve went there on his way from work to lunch and got in on the action, too. Denver couldn't wait to tell me all about it when he got home! What a fun experience for a very outdoorsy and explorative little boy!

Standing by the trunk after the first notch was cut out.
Ready to pull it down with the big cable.
My handsome men!!!
Big boy on a big old tree trunk!
Cousins Lilly, Ruby, and D sitting on the stump.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just for a Smile

A few pictures to share today. A sweet girls in piggies and boots and a boy with a new train (thanks to daddy and their shopping trip the other day). Hope they bring a smile to your face.